Have you ever thought that the elevator you usually take is actually a "generator"? People who have recently visited the Huangpu District People's Government will be surprised to find that the LCD screen of the elevator in the office building will display, "Welcome to take the energy recovery green energy-saving elevator. Many people have heard this term for the first time. What is an energy recovery green energy-saving elevator? Let's first popularize science: in simple terms, it means installing energy feedback devices on ordinary elevators. During the process of heavy load down and light load up of the elevator, the motor is in a power generation state, and the energy feedback device can convert this energy into AC power that meets the quality of the power grid for internal use in the building, achieving "self production and self use" of elevator power generation.


How about the energy-saving effect of elevator power generation? According to statistics, the average electricity consumption of vertical elevators is about 40 degrees Celsius per day, with a power generation efficiency of about 15-45%. The daily power generation is about 6-18 degrees Celsius, and a single elevator can generate up to 2000-6000 degrees Celsius per year, equivalent to 1-2 tons of coal-fired power generation.