Elevator energy feedback

Elevator energy feedback feeds back the regenerative energy generated during the process of motor speed regulation to the power grid, avoiding the energy loss caused by conventional energy consuming braking units due to resistance heating, thus achieving significant energy-saving effects. It can also achieve grid connected power generation of wind, solar, and other energy sources.

The elevator energy feedback is converted into direct current energy through electric motors and frequency converters, which is consumed by the heating resistor. Usually, the excess mechanical energy (including potential energy and kinetic energy) during the light load up and heavy load down of an elevator can be effectively converted into AC energy by using the elevator energy feedback device to save energy, and then transmitted back to the power grid.

The excess mechanical energy (including potential energy and kinetic energy) during elevator operation is converted into DC electrical energy through traction machines and frequency converters, and stored in capacitors in the DC circuit of the frequency converter. Energy feedback effectively converts the DC electrical energy stored in the capacitors into current, and returns it to the local AC power grid for use by other surrounding electrical equipment, with a power saving rate of up to 15-40%; At the same time, there is no resistance heating element, which reduces the temperature of the computer room, greatly saving the power consumption of the air conditioning and cooling equipment in the computer room.


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