Aluminum case resistor, also known as aluminum case resistor or aluminum case resistor. According to different usage scenarios, it is also known as braking resistor, braking resistor, pre charging resistor, or aging battery, etc. I often hear feedback from many different customers and friends that the aluminum shell resistor with the same ladder shape has the same power and resistance value. Why does the cathode always encounter resistance values that fluctuate greatly during operation?


Let's explain to you why some aluminum shell resistors have stable performance when used, while others have fluctuating resistance values like the stock market during operation!

The common silver white ladder shaped aluminum case resistor is made of 6063 industrial aluminum case. We know that there are many factors that affect the performance of resistors. The size of resistor design, the quality selection of various materials, the degree of process control, and the usage environment will all affect the working state of resistors.

Aluminum casing is used to help dissipate heat. The larger the area in contact with air, the faster the heat dissipation occurs. The grooves on the surface of the aluminum casing are also a way to increase heat dissipation. So the thickness, width, and length of the aluminum shell all determine the speed of heat dissipation during the operation of the cathode, thereby determining the surface temperature of the cathode during operation. The lower the temperature, the more stable the cathode, and the better its performance! Due to low transaction prices and limited profits, some Guangjia choose to use a small volume as a high-power device, or choose a thin and weightless aluminum shell, which is also one of the reasons that affects the resistance performance of the aluminum shell.

In addition to the aluminum casing, the most important part is the main body of the internal resistance core - the winding wire. The winding wire includes copper alloy wire, nickel alloy wire, iron alloy wire, Kama wire, etc., with prices ranging from over 20 to over 300 yuan per kilogram. The correct selection of winding wire determines whether the resistor can withstand the usage conditions required by the customer. Whether the anode can work stably for a long time under a certain current or voltage, or whether the resistance can exhibit good impact capacity under peak current and voltage. High quality alloy wire with low temperature coefficient and stable material performance, while our Shell Electric selects high-quality alloy resistance wire that is 1.2 times higher than the traditional market to evenly wind the resistance core, making it more impact resistant, high-performance, and stable.

Next is the selection of internal silicone quartz sand! High quality quartz sand is a raw sand quartz sand with high purity, high density, high whiteness, and low impurities, which endows resistors with high sealing, high insulation, high heat dissipation, and high resistance characteristics; The inferior quartz sand is yellow in color, with many impurities, large particles, and low density. The filling effect does not achieve good sealing and insulation, which is also the reason why our aluminum shell resistance of Shell Electric can withstand various tests.

In addition, there are also some options for small accessories and high-temperature wires. Some aluminum shell batteries can cause skin allergies and itching when held in hand, which is also the reason for choosing low-quality high-temperature wires. Our factory aluminum case resistors are all made of high-quality high-temperature resistant 200 ° silicone braided wires, which are not fluffy or allergic. The terminals are welded with professional equipment, and there will be no detachment or deformation.

If all the materials are selected in place, it means that the process management is in place. Strict craftsmanship can ensure the yield and consistency of products.

In short, there are various types of aluminum shell resistors in the market. If you value quality, choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important!